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 The scientific activity in the hospital is going around issues of children's neurology, psychiatry, defectology and psychology:

Научный руководитель

M. Lobov


- Children's cerebral palsy (risk factors, early diagnostics of complications, perfection of methods for regenerative treatment)
- Children vegetative states (organization of the supporting therapy)
- Hereditary neuromuscular diseases (clinical polymorphism and geno-phenotypic correlations, development of new methods for the pathogenetic treatment and trying them out by running clinical trials)
- Development of methods for the surgical correction of pelvic limb joints contractures as part of various kinds of the children neurologic pathology.
- Optimization of the correction processes, training and education of children with the limited possibilities in the hospital conditions

By now due to fruitful work of its employees the hospital issued more than 200 scientific papers. Furthermore 14 PH.D. thesis were prepared and successfully upheld.
Professor Sergey Shishkin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, directed first ever in Russia clinical tests for correction of Duchenne muscular dystrophy genes, using a method of cellular therapy. For the tests the hospital cooperated with the Medico-genetic Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (RAMS), the Moscow Regional Children Hospital of the Orthopedics and Surgery, the Molecular Genetics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), the Hematological Science Centre of the RAMS, the Russian MDA.
The hospital personnel created principles for a medical rehabilitation of children with consequences of the infantile paralysis and the infantile cerebral paralysis. They also created clear system for the preventive medical examination, along with the unified system of the medical, educational and operational processes. 
This is the list of other techniques developed and introduced in the hospital:

• the CP patients register for Moscow region is created by Lapochkin O. and Shahovskaja N., 2008
• treatment for children with the CP, neuromuscular diseases and consequences of the poliomyelitis (Lyan R..1972; Ajzikov G. 1973; Tsypurskij B. 1973; Brilliantova V. 1977; Skozobtseva L. 2001; Zvereva Z. 2004)
• treatment of contractures and members deformity with the consequences of a poliomyelitis and CP complications, neuromuscular diseases (Blazhenov B. 1967; Novokshonov A. 1971.; Gusev B. 1972.; Podobedova A. 2001)
• different ways to run an estimation of speech defects caused by organic CNS damage, and methods of their elimination (Panchenko A. 1974; Shjerbakova L 1983; Cherlina N. 2004; Manin Е. 2004; Volkova N. 2004)
• medical care for CP patients from the Moscow region (Tarksh M. 2003; Shahovsky V. 2003) • medical care for the patients with the hereditary motosensory neuropathy, treatment regiment (Shahovskaja N. 2000)
• etiological factors and CP risk factors for prevention of the children physical inability and choosing the most appropriate way of treatment (Artemieva S. 2002)
• solutions for the aftertreatment of invalids through an occupational therapy in conditions of a hospital (Vorobiova E. 1973; Tsypursky B. 1973)

New directions of the research activities were established:

• Early detection of the respiratory disturbances of patients with the hereditary neuromuscular diseases and methods of treatment (Artemeiva S.)
• Collecting of an information on the social adaptation of patients with the cerebral paulsy, passed treatment in the hospital between 1970 and 1998 (Shahovskaja N.)
• Vertebragenous pain syndromes of children. Age-dependent therapy. (Smirnova A.)
• Perfection of the specialised help for children in Moscow Region with a syndrome of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Cherlin A.)
• Data gathering on neuromuscular diseases for the purpose of creation of the register of patients (Lapochkin O., Shahovskaja N., Artemieva S.)

translation by Alexandra Bordunos