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Rindina Rimma

Head of Department
Physiotherapeutic treatment is a leading method in the medical rehabilitation therapy.

The branch is operating with:

- Electric methods - phototherapy (local and the general)
- thermotherapy (hot packing, ozokerite applications)
- magnetotherapy
- compressive massage
- balneotherapy (a hydromassage, aeromassage, foot baths, pearl baths, hydro-electro-therapy)
- combined methods (a magnito-vibro-thermotherapy and a hydromassage, a shower and steam)
- reflexotherapy (acupuncture, acupressure, laser therapy, electro-acupuncture)

Rooms for physical therapy are constructed in all units of the hospital. Trainings are set based on the individual plan, taking into account a type of disease and kid's age. There is also a special equipment for trainings: pneumatic suit "the Pilot", massage table "Anatomotor", "the Gross" training apparatus, computer complexes “ Stabilometry” and biofeedback «the Ambulation Corrector».
To activate children ambulation we use various game elements and other methods trying to bring up more positive emotions during trainings.

The branch staff are developing new direction of integral sensory stimulation with use of a "sensor room" and special light system in pool . Children younger then 7 years old undergo manual therapy. Annually around 300 children receive treatment here.





translation by Alexandra Bordunos