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Cinkalov Andrey

Head of Department
(499) 905-9636

The branch is admitting children of 1 - 18 years old.

Doctors of the branch work on creation of an orthopedo-surgical treatment system for patients with nervous system diseases and already have good practical experience in operative treatment of such patients (with essential paralysis, CP, hereditary neuromuscular diseases,etc)
In cooperation with the Australian surgeons, special system of gradual neuro-orthopedic treatment were developed. There are also new methods of surgical treatment in use: corrections of flexion deformations of coxofemoral and knee joints, equine feet deformations, pronator deformations of forearms. In case of equine cavus foot, a triple arthrodesis is applied.
Tendomuscular surgery is used for cases of a hand or foot deformation of a different etiology. There is also a technique of staging plastering of children with CP and different kind of foot deformaty.





translation by Alexandra Bordunos